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About Seaside, OR 97138 Weather Station

This weather station is privately owned and operated. It is not affiliated with the City of Seaside, OR. The data on this site should not be used to base important decisions that could result in harm to people or property. The station is located at a private residence at the Cove in Seaside, OR 97138.

Mike Challis is the founder and operator of the site. "My hobby is computers and web developement programming, making a useful weather web site for Seaside Oregon was an enjoyable project."

Weather Station Location Map

The station is powered by a Davis Vantage Pro 2 Weather Station (Model 6163). The station comprises of an anemometer with windspeed and direction, rain gauge, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, barometer, solar radiation sensor, and uv sensor. My Weather data shown online is collected from the weather station using Weather Display Software. The data is collected every 2.5 seconds to a Windows computer and the web site is automatically updated at 10 second intervals with current condition. The stats and graphs pages are updated every 5 minutes.

Davis Vantage Pro - 2 Wireless

The Temperature, Humidity and Rain Sensor assembly is wireless and solar powered. Direct sun exposure is not an issue because the assembly has a radiation shield and a 24 hour aspiration fan. The shield combines fan aspiration and passive shielding to minimize the effects of solar radiation, this results in more accurate temperature readings.

The Wind anemometer, Wind direction, Solar and UV Sensor, are mounted 27 feet above the ground on a roof peak with an unobstructed 360 degree range.

About This City

Seaside, OR is a popular tourist destination on the North Oregon Coast. Seaside was officially incorporated on February 17, 1899. Seaside has historically been one of the Oregon Coast most visited and popular oceanfront resorts located only 80 miles from Portland. Seaside is a beautiful coastal community with a population of 6,445 and has numerous visitor related activities to choose from.

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About This Website

Mike Challis, the guy who runs this site, is a full time computer repair guy at Mike's Computer Repair. Serving Long Beach Peninsula, Naselle(WA), Astoria, Warrenton and Seaside(OR). Mike offers Computer Repair, Virus Removal, and Tune-Ups. Has your computer become painfully slow or is unusable? This condition is usually the result of stuff that accumulates over time: spyware, malware, viruses, unnecessary programs and processes running on start-up, damaged registry or corrupt operating system files. A Tune-Up can help return your computer to new, or even better than new, performance.

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Shared Weather Data

We share our station data via direct feed to the following weather networks:

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Seaside, OR

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MesoWest Oregon
KORSEASI11 The Cove, Seaside, OR

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Ocean Vista Dr, Seaside, OR

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Printable Seaside, OR Weather Flier:
Free Printable Seaside, OR Weather Flier
The flier may be freely used by local hotels, motels, restaurants, businesses, and local government offices to pin on bulletin boards or distribute to their patrons.

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You can add a weather logo to your website which displays the current (updated every 10 seconds) weather in Seaside, OR.
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