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Weather web cam image live from Seaside, OR

Current Image: The Cove in Seaside, OR
Weather web cam image from the Cove in Seaside, OR

This Web Cam is located at the Cove in Seaside, OR. The cam looks facing out a window West toward the Pacific Ocean. This image updates every 5 minutes during daylight hours. The web cam is a Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000.

Q. Why is there so much fog over the water sometimes when the downtown area is sunny?
A. the fog is called the marine layer and it is an air mass which develops over the surface of a large body of water such as ocean or large lake in the presence of a temperature inversion. The inversion itself is usually initiated by the cooling effect of the water on the surface layer of an otherwise warm air mass. As it cools, the surface air becomes denser than the warmer air above it, and thus becomes trapped below it. The layer may thicken through turbulence generated within the developing marine layer itself. It may also thicken if the warmer air above it is lifted by an approaching area of low pressure. The layer will also gradually increase its humidity by evaporation of the ocean surface, as well as by the effect of cooling itself. Fog will form within a marine layer where the humidity is high enough and cooling sufficient to produce condensation.

Timelapse Video: Last 24 Hours of Seaside Weather

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Best shots from the Seaside, Oregon Weather Web Cam
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Webcam Image - Sunny
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Few Clouds
Webcam Image - Sunny Day Few Clouds
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Partly Cloudy
Webcam Image - Partly Cloudy
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Mostly Cloudy
Webcam Image - Mostly Cloudy
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Webcam Image - Rain
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Webcam Image - Snow
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Webcam Image - Fog
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Webcam Image - Sunset
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Webcam Image - Dawn
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