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Wind graphs, stats, and wind forecast for Seaside, OR

There are no active watches, warnings or advisories for North Oregon Coast (Oregon).


This is a current graph of our Seaside, OR Wind Gusts, more graphs
Wind Current Average Speed: 9.9 mph, Max Average Speed Today: 39.7 mph NE at 4:51 AM
Max Gust Last Hour: 17.0 mph
Max Gust Today: 52.9 mph at 5:10am
Max Gust Yesterday: 26.5 mph NW at 7:45 PM
Max Gust Year: 52.9 mph on 2/24/2018
Wind Wind Gusts

View more wind data from Seaside South Weather at

The North Oregon Coast has periodic wind storms from the months of October to March. The storms we get here mostly have strong south winds and heavy rain. High wind warnings are issued by the National Weather Service prior to these wind storms with very good accuracy. Sustained wind speeds of at least 40 mph or gusts of 58 mph or more can lead to property damage. The strongest wind storms on our coast are likely to happen November to February. The most memorable damaging wind storm since the Columbus Day Storm was in December 2007, The Great Goastal Gayle of December 1-3, 2007.

The Seaside Weather Station location at a private residence at the Cove in Seaside, OR 97138 is considered in the "beaches and headlands" where the high winds are always stronger. During a High Wind Warning event, this station might record a 35 MPH average with 60-70 MPH gusts when the less exposed communities location like Highway 101 in Seaside might record a 21 MPH average with 40 MPG gusts. These ranges can vary slightly depending on the strength and duration of the storm. During the December 2007 storm, stations in this area recorded three solid days of a 35-40 MPH average with 60-90 MPH gusts. The power to the whole North Coast went out during the first few hours of the storm. There was significant tree and roof damage in the area, roads were blocked with downed trees and power was out and for several days to a couple weeks depending on location. A 58 MPH gust totally destroyed a $800 Costco plastic 8x10 foot storage shed in my back yard.